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Kolumbien Carlos VALDERRAMA


Bilanz bei FIFA-Turnieren
FIFA Fussball-Weltmeisterschaft™1990, 1994, 19981031610200
FIFA WM-Qualifikationsspiele199829168532200
FIFA Weltmeisterschaft™
1998Lens 26/06/1998Kolumbien COL0:2 (0:2)ENG EnglandGruppenspiele
1998Montpellier 22/06/1998Kolumbien COL1:0 (0:0)TUN TunesienGruppenspiele
1998Lyon 15/06/1998Rumänien ROU1:0 (1:0)COL KolumbienGruppenspiele
1994San Francisco 26/06/1994Schweiz SUI0:2 (0:1)COL KolumbienGruppenspiele
1994Los Angeles 22/06/1994USA USA2:1 (1:0)COL KolumbienGruppenspiele
1994Los Angeles 18/06/1994Kolumbien COL1:3 (1:2)ROU RumänienGruppenspiele
1990Naples 23/06/1990Kamerun CMR2:1 n.V.COL KolumbienAchtelfinale
1990Milan 19/06/1990Bundesrepublik Deutschland FRG1:1 (0:0)COL KolumbienGruppenspiele
1990Bologna 14/06/1990Jugoslawien YUG1:0 (0:0)COL KolumbienGruppenspiele
1990Bologna 09/06/1990Verein. Arab. Emirate UAE0:2 (0:0)COL KolumbienGruppenspiele
FIFA WM-Qualifikationsspiele
1998Buenos Aires 16/11/1997Argentinien ARG1:1 (0:1)COL Kolumbienround29
1998Barranquilla 10/09/1997Kolumbien COL1:0 (0:0)VEN Venezuelaround29
1998Barranquilla 20/08/1997Kolumbien COL3:0 (2:0)BOL Bolivienround29
1998Barranquilla 20/07/1997Kolumbien COL1:0 (0:0)ECU Ecuadorround29
1998Santiago De Chile 05/07/1997Chile CHI4:1 (3:0)COL Kolumbienround29
1998Montevideo 08/06/1997Uruguay URU1:1 (1:0)COL Kolumbienround29
1998Barranquilla 30/04/1997Kolumbien COL0:1 (0:0)PER Peruround29
1998Asuncion 02/04/1997Paraguay PAR2:1 (1:0)COL Kolumbienround29
1998Barranquilla 12/02/1997Kolumbien COL0:1 (0:1)ARG Argentinienround29
1998San Cristobal 15/12/1996Venezuela VEN0:2 (0:1)COL Kolumbienround29
1998La Paz 10/11/1996Bolivien BOL2:2 (2:1)COL Kolumbienround29
1998Quito 09/10/1996Ecuador ECU0:1 (0:0)COL Kolumbienround29
1998Barranquilla 01/09/1996Kolumbien COL4:1 (3:0)CHI Chileround29
1998Barranquilla 07/07/1996Kolumbien COL3:1 (2:0)URU Uruguayround29
1998Lima 02/06/1996Peru PER1:1 (0:0)COL Kolumbienround29
1998Barranquilla 24/04/1996Kolumbien COL1:0 (0:0)PAR Paraguayround29
1994Buenos Aires 05/09/1993Argentinien ARG0:5 (0:1)COL KolumbienErste Runde
1994Barranquilla 29/08/1993Kolumbien COL4:0 (2:0)PER PeruErste Runde
1994Asuncion 22/08/1993Paraguay PAR1:1 (0:1)COL KolumbienErste Runde
1994Barranquilla 15/08/1993Kolumbien COL2:1 (1:0)ARG ArgentinienErste Runde
1994Lima 08/08/1993Peru PER0:1 (0:1)COL KolumbienErste Runde
1994Barranquilla 01/08/1993Kolumbien COL0:0PAR ParaguayErste Runde
1990Tel Aviv 30/10/1989Israel ISR0:0COL KolumbienErste Runde
1990Barranquilla 15/10/1989Kolumbien COL1:0 (0:0)ISR IsraelErste Runde
1990Barranquilla 17/09/1989Kolumbien COL2:1 (0:1)PAR ParaguayErste Runde
1990Guayaquil 03/09/1989Ecuador ECU0:0COL KolumbienErste Runde
1990Asuncion 27/08/1989Paraguay PAR2:1 (0:0)COL KolumbienErste Runde
1990Barranquilla 20/08/1989Kolumbien COL2:0 (1:0)ECU EcuadorErste Runde
1986Cali 03/11/1985Kolumbien COL2:1 (0:0)PAR ParaguayZweite Runde



  • Argentine forward Diego Armando Maradona (L) and Columbian forward Carlos Valderrama play the ball during the inter religious "match for peace" football game in Rome's Olympic Stadium on September 1, 2014
  •  Former international footballer Carlos Valderrama of Colombia poses for a portrait
  • Former Colombian international footballer Carlos Valderrama gestures from the stands during their FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 qualifying football match against Paraguay at Roberto Melendez stadium in Barranquilla, Colombia on October 12, 2012
  • Carlos Valderrama and the Olympic Flame
  • Colombia's Carlos Valderrama fights for the ball with USA's Jhn Harkes in 1994
  • Carlos Valderrama and Thomas Haessler in action during the FIFA World Cup Italy 1990
  • Carlos Valderrama is seen at a training session of his national team in 1998
  • Colombian players Leonel Alvarez (R) and Faustino Asprilla celebrates while Carlos Valderrama and Freddy Rincon joins in 1993(Courtesy of Revista El Grafico)
  • Colombian player Carlos Valderrama (R) duels with an unidentified Romanian player as Romanian midfielder Gheorghe Hagi